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How to get into your Chromebook

Please use the following document for getting into your Chromebook.

How to get into your Chromebook


  1.  Open up the Chromebook (Make sure you have charged your computer overnight!!)


      2. Go to the bottom right hand corner and find your wifi gear.  You must connect to your home internet or a hot            spot.


     3. Then go to the bottom left hand corner and click on Add Person.  You will be asked to put in an email address.  Every student’s email at VJH is: (all lower case)

The child’s first name (school record name), period, child’s last name@; then click next. (example:

The next screen will ask you for a password...the password is vjhsvikings (all lower case)

            **Once the student signs in they will be able to change the password if they

                        want, but they must remember the changed password!!**


4. The Chromebook should automatically upload the CPSB website!!


    5.The student should go to the waffle (nine squares beside the G Suite Icon) and click on google classroom to             find their assignments. 



If you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to email me, D’Shay Oaks, at  Make sure to reference with your child’s name and the problem you are having!!  We will figure this new way of learning out together!!  Please be patient!!