Vikings vs. Spartans Football

In the 7th grade game, at the end of the first half with 59 seconds on the clock, Marcus Taylor (#20) scores a touchdown for the Vidalia Vikings! That ends the first half with the score of 6-0. During the second half Nickaloes Banks (#30) pulls through with a touchdown for Vidalia! It’s a definite win for the Vikings, if the Spartans don’t make an amazing comeback with two touchdowns in less than 5 minutes.  The final score is 12-0 and the Vidalia Vikings take the win.


              The 8th grade game

It’s the first quarter in the 8th grade game and #12 for the Spartans scores a touchdown with 6 minutes and 31 seconds left on the clock. At the end of the first quarter the score is still 0-6. The Spartans take the lead. In the second quarter Jaquan Wilson (#2) scores a touchdown for the Vikings with only a few seconds left. The Vikings and Spartans are now tied 6-6.In the third quarter through all the hard work the Viking and Spartans stayed tied throughout the third quarter. While in the fourth quarter the Spartans score a touchdown to pull a head in the game. The final score is 6-12 and the Caldwell Spartans win. The Vidalia Vikings leave with a win and a loss.