SS Lesson March 16-20, 2020


Monday: A Study guide was handed out Friday.   The class will continue to complete the source with Questions from "The Compromise of 1850."  The class will examine the book Uncle Tom's Cabin and the Kansas Nebraska Act.  Homework Ch. 15 Sec. 1 & 2.  p.481 #1-4(8 Questions) & p.487#1-3(8 Questions).  Both due Wednesday.

Tuesday: Students will complete the "Kansas-Nebraska Split page notes" and questions that follow.  Complete HW p. 481 & 487 questions.

Wednesday:  HW Due.  Students will explore the rise of the Republican Party and the Dred Scott Decision.  The class will continue to complete the questions from the source on the Kansas Nebraska Act.  Study

Thursday:  The class will discuss John Brown's raid, the Election of 1860, and the secession of the South.  Students will complete the Dred Scott Activity with source.  Study

Friday:  Test Ch. 15 A Divided Nation

 Content & Claim

Expansion & Conflict/How does growth shape a nation's identity?

Unit Claim:  Students will explore what life was like during the antebellum period, why reform movements developed, and how effective they were.  This sets the stage for the Civil War and causes.

Why did slavery expand in the U.S. after 1800?




1.  Two extra credit may be turned in for this 9 weeks it is due within the first 6 weeks.  NO REPORTS!!!  This should be  a visual on a poster board not a report.  Include at least 7 pictures or a mixture of pictures and graphics. Pictures should be labeled, poster board should have a title.  They may also build something.  This needs to be on something we are about to cover.  Lat day for 3rd nine weeks is Feb.17.

2. Some test are scantron, which means each student runs their own test.  They should know the grade the day they take the test.

3. Bellwork questions will be completed the first 5 minutes on certain days.  Bellwork will be turned in with homework to be graded.  If the bellwork is a discussion question the answer should be 5-7 sentences.