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Parents please complete the following survey. Thank you

Parental and Family Engagement Survey

We would love to receive feedback from our parents about Concordia Parish School District. This survey is about the the district as a whole. If you have students in multiple grades only one survey will need to be filled out. Please click the below link to fill out the Parental & Family Engagement Survey. Thank you

Virtual Students Chromebook Return

Virtual Students will be able to turn in Chromebooks, chargers, and hotspots on Thursday, May 20th, and Friday, May 21st from 7 am-11 am. If your computer, hotspot, or charger is damaged/broken, it must be brought to the school for damage to be assessed. Fines will be determined based on the severity of the damage. Missing chargers or lost Chromebooks will result in a fine. If Chromebooks are damaged, they will not be considered turned in until fines are paid. Report Cards will be held if Chromebooks, chargers, hotspots, or fines are not returned/paid by May 21st.

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