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4-H Club

A 4-H Club is a group of young people in your school or in your community who want to improve
their heads, hearts, hands, and health. Each 4-H Club has its own officers. They are supervised by
volunteer leaders, and supported by 4-H Youth Development Agents. A volunteer leader may be anyone
interested in helping young people. Volunteer leaders who supervise clubs are "Key" leaders.
The primary means of delivering 4-H educational programs is through school clubs, schoolsponsored after-school programs. Additional delivery methods used include community and project
clubs, school enrichment programming, and short-term special interest groups. The project clubs meet
once or twice between school club meetings to focus on project work.
4-H school clubs are the foundation of every successful 4-H program. As the primary delivery
method of 4-H, clubs provide volunteers and members with unlimited opportunities for learning,
companionship, and fun.